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the first in my Beyond Cloud series of Interviews where we will be covering the same questions with 15 of the top UK Cloud mids


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23/06/2013 · 11:25





My take on Cloud Expo Europe 2013

“Events of this nature, with vendors, seminars and keynotes, help you to see what ‘could be’ prior to defining or designing what you want”

“Cloud to Clarity wasn’t quite delivered… but this is not a reflection on either the event or the exhibitors, though, rather on the state of a rapidly evolving industry… but it is getting better”

Guest post at (click on the title above or the logo below full the complete article)

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13/02/2013 · 13:54

Does the UK technology sector measure up?

An opinion piece published at Business News

From commitments to infrastructure improvements, through to making available more visas for skilled workers, the UK Government has been backing some relatively successful efforts to attract new or added presence from some of the ‘big players’ to London but, in my opinion, a bit too focused an eastward view.

Regardless of the geography, supporting technology-focused or technology-enabled start-up businesses (a space currently supporting tens of thousands of jobs and billions of pounds in revenue across the UK) is a clever approach as both a…

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03/02/2013 · 19:34

Grey Clouds over Cost Savings

A great piece by Michael Queena of Nephos Technologies 

when a Cloud blog starts with “If you are looking at Cloud for just cost savings you’re going to be disappointed” I know I’ve found one of the good ones

(and thanks to @MJQueenan for the mention)

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16/01/2013 · 12:10

Big Data, Big Deal: my latest

My latest blog as posted at  at it is your data, not big data, that matters (but even that has limited relevance until you know what you want to do with it)

Please click on the link to read the article

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14/01/2013 · 13:18