An important read for any start up in progress or about to go…


There are a lot of different kinds of people in this world. I’ve found that I get along best with the ones that are brutally honest.

Earlier this evening I interviewed Vinod Khosla at the jam-packed Startup Weekend Seattle event. We had a long talk – nearly an hour in total, which is a lot longer than most interviews I do and allowed us to take a deep dive on a number of issues important to Vinod. There’s good coverage of the event at Xconomy, GeekWire (again) and

What strikes me most about the man aren’t his views on technology or venture capital, but his communication style.

During the pre-interview prep I carefully brought up an issue that I’ve heard from a number of people – that Vinod is somewhat “difficult.” “I hear he can be a massive pain in the ass,” someone told me…

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