I’m not convinced: Cloud Computing to Produce 14 Million Jobs

And I am also not convinced that the entire existence of everything will be better, stronger, faster, cheaper with cloud than it would have been without…

After all, cloud is a new name for something that is already here – and has been for a while, isn’t it then? So, are all 14 million jobs *new* or are some of them actually re-labelled jobs which were promised at some other, earlier time, with a moniker other than cloud?

I hope you are with me here… because my next question is, regardless of which stack the jobs are counted in, are these actually real jobs (by ‘real’ I mean are they jobs which not only require some sort of, preferably, learned or trained skill and which actually produces some value or provide a positive effect in the value chain somewhere along the way… maybe even manufactures something)?

Because unless 3d printing comes a long way, quickly, I would have thought that we need a society both offline and on, don’t we???

Cloud Computing to Produce 14 Million Non-Technology Related Jobs | CloudTimes.


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