The Delivery Vehicle is, has been and for sometime will be, the web

Apps are not the wave of the future, merely another way to deliver web content – – and it is not financially viable and so cannot make business sense for every business, every publication, every content provider to create their own apps.

especially if they’ve looked at the future of the web, and HTML5…

and even more so if they have a clue about the sustainable economic use of tech to deliver value to a business (as opposed to costing it a fortune or it’s existence)

So, when I read an article stating that maybe apps aren’t the disruptor for media (nor a fave of media publishers) that they were thinking they might be, all I can respond with is “duh!”.

This is exactly what I have been saying since this ‘generation’ of apps first appeared on smartphones – – and reinforced by LinkedIn’s 90%+ HTML5 implementation of their iPad app

The Delivery Vehicle is, has been and for sometime will be, the web


This does *not* apply only to media delivery but to information creation, delivery and consumption… I would love to hear your thoughts after you check out this article

Why Publishers Don’t Like Apps – Technology Review

Why Publishers Don't Like Apps - Technology Review


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