Standards—Interoperability To Fuel Converged Cloud Growth

Now, THAT is a mouthful…

“Standards and interoperability” in the IT world too often means time wasted and money spent, as seen throughout 30 years of my careers including deep personal involvement (I have the scars, still!) in the Unix wars.

The *last* thing that standards and interoperability will do is fuel growth… and by the way, whose cloud? Do they really think that we think that there is one big happy cloud? NO… we have thousands and thousands of clouds, most with gates and fences and big locks and alarm systems.

So, contrary to the attached article, I still think that is is Security that is somewhat of a roadblock… when we get to the points where all of the officious ideologues and standards-flying freaks start to crawl from the word works we know two things:

1. cloud is here to stay

2. things will start to get painful!

see Full Article at Demand For Standards—Interoperability To Fuel Converged Cloud Growth



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