this is one I wish that I had written!


So far this month, Amazon Web Services(s AMZN)Google(s GOOG) and Microsoft’s Azure(s MSFT) cut the prices on their cloud storage offerings. These three companies are part of a big change that is sweeping the  business world — instead of buying their infrastructure by spending millions of dollars upfront, the companies are now getting comfortable with the idea of paying for their  needs as they go along.

The CEO of StorSimple Ursheet Parikh gets it. Forgive me for quoting someone who is quoting me, but it’s a point that should be shouted from the rooftops, and right now, there aren’t a lot of people shouting.

“At the Ignition Partners event in Seattle yesterday, I asked Om Malik what he thought happens to the storage business in this cloud transition. Om’s response was that the $50 billion of gross margin in enterprise storage is ripe for disruption with the transition…

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