in response to a Linked In question: What is the most important problem your salespeople need to overcome?

Brief Intro: I am a cross-over from the highly technical / creative / architecture space in the IT world to the sales / commercial side of the house – a process which commenced 10-15 years ago – not into targeted sales roles but supporting sales and marketing in getting the right message across as to how and what this tech stuff does for the business… in other words, the impact to the bottom line of the business.

That said, from my point of view, the single most significant problem of a salesman (and I limit this to my primary space, selling tech and tech-based solutions to business and government though I suspect it has wider application) is when he has the inability to clearly, precisely, quickly and concisely state:
– exactly what it is that he is selling
– exactly why his customer would buy it
– and why buy it from him rather than the competitor
– what his customer sees as the value what he is buying
– what his customer sees as value in terms of who he is buying from

To be clear, the same thing goes for those trying to market whatever it is that the sales bloke (blokess) above is trying to sell – to the same people, and hopefully beyond.

To get around this requires that you clearly understand which of your competencies, capabilities and credibilities combine to form the correct proposition (solution, product, service delivery set – – take your choice of handles). This proposition needs appropriate staging and presentation based on the needs and perceptions at a customer-specific level: what value will it provide and how will the ROI manifest, not what tech it uses or the world-class offshore development facility…

These things are all good, and not all fall into my ‘so what’ category but, in my opinion, everything is secondary to what your customer sees as the value in buying it, and in buying it from you.

all the best, thoughts of all flavours welcome


Incidentally, Beyond Solutions – my company – has a new and unique methodology, currently rolling out to our first customers

DEAL is a proposition modelling methodology – a little more detail can be seen at my website


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