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Bing + Yahoo… more than just another pretty face?? Personally, Bing is a nice change, sometimes, but google has that ubiquitousness thing going for it, and, after all, the top 5 hits from most engines overlap more often than not

Windows 7 up close (from ZDNet) – from my p.o.v., having been forced to use Vista on a new laptop, Windows 7 was more than rational. If, however, I were asked to advise IT Departments as to whether or not they should move to 7, my response would be multi-part:

1. if current XP implementations are working, it might be a plan to leave them as-is

1a. current XP platforms experiencing intermittent but consistent connectivity or bsod issues, go for the upgrade (remembering of course upgrade from XP means clean install)

2. for new or existing Vista implementations, upgrade

3. for all cases where the answer is Windows 7, get the support teams tooled up, check out the upgrade faq and get started, now, using the RC download (should still be there for a couple of weeks yet)

finally, my daily digest from irritated me today when stating that “true convergence requires a customer-centric approach”… this illustrates 99% of the problem with telcos: they haven’t yet caught on that ALL services require a customer-centric approach if ever to be delivered successfully!


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